We manufacture robust solutions for Air Quality and Environment remote monitoring and control systems.

With clients in more than 20 countries and devices operating continuously in the 5 continents, Kunak is today a benchmark in technological development and innovation for environmental monitoring with an investment exceeding $3,5M in R&D and constant growth.
We help businesses and organisations that need to monitor and control critical parameters in real-time, reduce costs, measure environmental impact and improve processes by providing accuracy, efficiency and economic benefits.
We design and manufacture wireless monitoring and control systems, environmental instrumentation, sensor networks and operational intelligence that guarantee the proper transmission and exploitation of information and allows their integration into other systems.
We at Kunak create air quality control and monitoring end-to-end solutions designed to capture environmental data and to remotely control infrastructures and equipment. 
Our goal is to help our clients capture critical, accurate and real-time information, helping them make decisions, create added-value, monetize their resources, anticipate risks and operate their business more efficiently.
We design and manufacture the Hardware, Communications, Software, Cloud Services and the integration with the client´s systems.
Our Vision: Help build a connected world to optimize resources and processes, avoid wastage of raw materials and natural resources, and predict and anticipate realities.