AIRLAB has a legal framework to ensure that the members of the community share the same objectives and the same values ​​and to facilitate the setting up of partnership projects.

The operation of AIRLAB is based on this legal framework ensuring compliance with the rules of intellectual property and competition in an open innovation approach (user charter, licenses, etc.). 

Organizational and functional interactions with similar structures will be refined, also with the aim of drawing inspiration from the best methods used within these structures.

The legal framework documents are the AIRLAB Charter and the Intellectual Property Regulations (IPR).

AIRLAB Charter

The AIRLAB® Innovation Charter is a text of commitments for all partners and contributors to Airparif's AIRLAB® Open Innovation platform.

The charter recalls the objectives and operating principle of AIRLAB.

His signature is necessary to integrate the community and to be a Partner.

The four pillars of Open-Innovation on the AIRLAB® platform

AIRLAB® works around the following four pillars, broken down as follows:



Intellectual Property Regulations (IPR)

An intellectual property regulation organizes and defines the ownership and use of results and innovations. 


  • sets the framework in which AIRLAB projects can take place;
  • organizes intellectual property rights;
  • determines the use of the AIRLAB brand and those of the Parties;
  • sets the rules of confidentiality.

In general, and insofar as the innovations of the contributors result from the data, expertise and resources collected and organized and provided on the AIRLAB® platform created, piloted, administered and hosted by Airparif, Airparif may use in Ile-de- France the results and inventions resulting from the use of AIRLAB® according to methods to be defined on a case-by-case basis and according to a fair financial framework. 

For innovations that Airparif considers to be particularly strategic, Airparif reserves the right to negotiate joint ownership with the contributors who are the authors of the results and innovations, according to terms and conditions to be defined on a case-by-case basis and according to a fair financial framework.