Find on this page all of our projects which aim to promote and evaluate innovations for air quality.

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  • Photo of a bike path and a road

    Awareness and large-scale behavioral changes

    Mobility and air quality in the Grand Paris metropolis: The experiment aims to raise awareness among residents of the Paris region about air quality and to change their mobility practices.

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  • 2023 AIRLAB Microsensors Launch

    For the 4th edition of the Challenge, Airparif proposes to investigate the impact of new parameters on microsensors.

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  • Photo of a micro-sensor on the roof of a La Poste car

    Measures and perceptions

    Experimentation of measurements of several pollutants through micro-sensors on board a fleet of vehicles.

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  • Photo of a school class

    Let's innovate for the air in our public buildings

    Evaluation of the efficiency of indoor air pollution control systems.

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  • Visual Let's innovate for the air in our stations

    Let's innovate for the air in our stations

    Experimentation of innovative solutions to improve air quality in underground railway enclosures in Île-de-France

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  • Visual of a smartphone representing an air quality data graph

    Let's breathe better in the XNUMXth century

    Better information for Parisians in the XNUMXth arrondissement on air quality thanks to the participatory budget of the city of Paris

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  • Aerial photo of a main road @ DR

    Capturing mobility to change behavior

    Use of urban infrastructures to measure and direct mobility in order to reduce traffic-related pollution in real time

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  • photo of micro-sensors in action

    Microsensor Challenge 2021 edition

    Challenge and compare different microsensors in order to enlighten users, independently, between the suitability of the product and the possible uses.

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  • Aerial view of the site of the Parisian Urban Heating Company in Saint-Ouen

    Breathe: air capture and remediation solution

    In situ experimentation of remediation solutions in order to validate their performance and define the best use cases.

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  • Veolia headquarters in Aubervilliers @ Hertha Hurnaus

    Monitor the air quality of a building in real time

    A breath of fresh air in buildings: In situ experimentation with sensors to improve the measurement and management of air quality, and to improve communication with users - Project proposed by Veolia and Icade

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