Our services

AIRLAB promotes an open innovation model and coordinates an ecosystem that facilitates meetings and collaborations between actors from various backgrounds.

It aims to unlock all the decisive points of an innovation for air quality. In particular: evaluate projects; mobilize funding; provide experimental territories in order to organize operational tests; organize and facilitate access to data; setting up project evaluation processes, informing and getting the solutions adopted by as many people as possible.
AIRLAB addresses all the themes related to air quality: precise measurement of emissions; measurements of pollution levels; reduction of emissions according to the sources (transport, agriculture, industry and buildings) but also depollution of sites and buildings and link with climate change.
To do this, AIRLAB mobilizes a wide variety of scientific fields: from chemistry, computer science and engineering to behavioral sciences and design.

Thanks to its partners and the experience of Airparif, AIRLAB brings together an unparalleled set of skills and assets, the main ones of which are presented below:

  • window for innovative initiatives; 
  • labeling of innovative projects;
  • setting up partnership projects;
  • experimental grounds;
  • fundraising; 
  • performance evaluation of innovations;
  • measurement of the effectiveness of public policies in favor of improving air quality.

And also:

  • place of sharing and exchanges:
    • news on air quality and climate news, regional, national, EU and international;
    • relay of Calls for projects/AMI;
    • valorization of experience feedback;
    • coordination with the DIM QI2, with the other AASQA Labs, with the competitiveness clusters
  • networking between members of the community;
  • enhancement of the AIRLAB community, including internationally;
  • promotion of AIRLAB Projects, including internationally;
  • weekly press review;
  • technical webinars; 
  • thematic mornings; 
  • rental or provision of measurement equipment (eg micro-sensors or portable reference sensors).


While expectations are high and announcements ever more resounding, it is essential that the solutions developed actually deliver results that match the commitments. Project evaluation is at the heart of AIRLAB, which relies on Airparif's recognized expertise to evaluate projects and quantitatively measure their impact.

Fields of experimentation

Experience shows that full-scale testing is a crucial step in the development of a project. Both for the validation of the concepts and for possible “pivots” or for the evaluation of the results.
AIRLAB, through its network of partners, offers privileged access to experimental sites: buildings, municipalities, etc. and makes them available to project leaders.


AIRLAB aims to become a major crossroads for access to useful data for air quality: a crucial issue for any innovation in the field. Some data is already available as open data. Members of the AIRLAB community will access additional data, whether produced by members or by other entities, whether relating to air quality or related fields (travel, energy, etc.) .). This access will give rise to user licenses.

Open innovation

AIRLAB is part of an open innovation scheme: a collaborative approach based on the exchange of means, knowledge, know-how and data. This approach generates exchanges and encourages synergies that cross the borders of the entities that participate in it (companies, institutions, etc.) This, while remaining compatible with economic development in the market economy.