Our team

The AIRLAB team uses a variety of Airparif resources to run the lab and evaluate experiments and innovations, as well as qualified external people to advise it.

The coordinator, Arnaud Deschamps, ensures the proper functioning and development of AIRLAB by relying on the resources of Airparif. He is the referent on the subject of intellectual property.

A pool of Airparif project managers dedicated to supporting AIRLAB, provides scientific and technical support and, if necessary, coordination with communication, qualified people, data management Airparif, for each of the labeled projects.
For Airparif coordination projects, the Airparif internal project manager ensures the technical and financial management of the project.
Thus, for each AIRLAB project, an Airparif specialist in the relevant field is appointed. He provides the link between the Project partners and the resources of Airparif.

  • Indoor Air Quality – Underground Railway Spaces: Geraldine Le Nir
  • Metrology – Microsensors: Adrian Arfire
  • Transport/ FCD emissions: Jeremy Vigneron
  • Emissions / Inverse Modeling: Olivier Perrussel
  • Indoor air remediation: Christopher Ampe
  • Emission measurements in real conditions: Helene Marfaing
  • Behavioral changes: Marion D'Abrigeon
  • Evaluation of public policies: Charles Kimmerlin

The communication and social media manager, Marion Borel, ensures the promotion of community members and AIRLAB projects on the website and on social networks – LinkedIn and Twitter. 

The person responsible for data management and compliance with the GDPR, Emeric Auger, ensures the database and storage of data in compliance with the GDPR.