Let's innovate for the air in our stations

Experimentation of innovative solutions to improve air quality in underground railway enclosures in Île-de-France


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Visual Let's innovate for the air in our stations
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Information of the project

dates: From 15 Sep 2018 to 10 Jun 2021

Place of experimentation: RER C Avenue Foch station, A. Dumas metro station on line 2

Number of partners: 5

Number of solutions tested: 4

Improving indoor air quality is one of the priorities of the regional plan for air quality, Changeons d'air en Île-de-France, adopted in plenary session of the Regional Council in June 2016. 

Among the targets identified for regional action is the experimentation of innovative solutions to improve air quality in underground railway enclosures.

Thus, the Region has launched a call for projects which will support pilot projects in order to improve, more quickly and more efficiently, the quality of the air in the underground spaces of public transport in Île-de-France. The proposed solutions must be innovative and respond to one or more issues related to underground air quality: filtration/ventilation of platforms and underground premises, improvement of rolling stock (new materials, limitation of braking emissions), management of worksites, reduction of worker and user exposure, treatment of exterior air vents, cleaning of interior spaces, etc. 

This call for projects will lead, in partnership with CRIDF, Île-de-France Mobilités, SNCF and RATP, AIRPARIF and AIRLAB, to select innovative solutions, both in the curative field of air treatment and in the preventive field. by acting on all sources of pollutant emissions, for example at the level of train braking.

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Name of the organization : Ile-de-France Mobilities

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