Measures and perceptions

Experimentation of measurements of several pollutants through micro-sensors on board a fleet of vehicles.

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  • Air quality measurements
Photo of a micro-sensor on the roof of a La Poste car
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Information of the project

dates: From 01 Jan 2020 to 01 Dec 2022

Place of experimentation: Ile-de-France region

Number of partners: 3

Number of solutions tested: 7

La Region Ile-de-France announced in October 2019 during the presentation of its plan for the ecological transformation of Île-de-France by 2024 (10 billion euros to respond to the ecological emergency) the launch of a new experimental device for measurement of air quality, on board vehicles criss-crossing Île-de-France, and allowing this information to be cross-checked with the perception of Ile-de-France residents.

The aim of the project is to improve knowledge of pollution levels at the heart of traffic, while testing a new network of measurements, and to understand the perception of Ile-de-France residents with regard to air quality. These innovations should make it possible to better understand the quality of the air in Île-de-France, and ultimately to identify the levers of commitment of the Ile-de-France residents to reduce air pollution.

Implemented in a partnership dynamic, The device is divided into 3 parts:

1. Measure air quality on the move  

Geoptis, subsidiary of La Poste Group, deployed 600 micro-sensors AtmoTrack, developed by its partner 42 Factory, throughout the Ile-de-France region. 500 are on board Le Groupe La Poste's vehicle fleets: electric vehicles for postmen as well as Group utility and heavy goods vehicles. In addition, 100 micro-sensors are positioned on La Poste buildings, distribution platforms or post offices.
These sensors have been deployed gradually since June 25, 2020, for a period of 18 months.

AtmoTrack micro-sensors have been evaluated several times by AIRLAB as part of the Micro-sensor Challenge, both in fixed positions and on vehicles. The data produced every 10 seconds is processed and analyzed in order to test their relevance and the added value of their integration into Airparif's maps. 72% of municipalities in Île-de-France are directly affected by the deployment of these micro-sensors.

Air quality measurement plan for Ile-de-France

2. Conduct an extensive perception survey online and at home

The second part consists of a vast perception survey, which aims to collect the feelings of Ile-de-France residents on the air they breathe, thanks to a questionnaire.
This survey took place online, via a citizen participation platform, and at the homes of volunteer Ile-de-France residents who were interviewed by La Poste postmen.

The cross-referencing of these results, based on the feelings of Ile-de-France residents, with objective air quality data from traffic readings and on such a scale, relying on local interlocutors who are postmen, constitutes an innovative and completely new approach compared to the various experiments that already exist on the use of fleets of micro-sensors, in France and abroad. 
694 Ile-de-France residents were consulted during this perception survey. 

3. Provide citizens with a tool for reporting anomalies, the "Signal'Air" application

After the measurements and the perception survey, the third part goes even further in the involvement of Ile-de-France residents with the implementation of a participatory reporting application "Signal'Air", which allows them to report anomalies having a impact on the air they breathe (odors, plume of smoke, etc.).
This reporting application, unprecedented in Île-de-France, aims to allow each Ile-de-France resident not only to report anomalies, but also to know the feelings of the inhabitants on the pollution in real time, while contributing to improve knowledge. air quality in their region.

Key figures:
Operation fully financed by the Region to the tune of 1,5 million euros.
  • 600 sensors, including 500 on the move and 100 on buildings
  • 694 Ile-de-France residents consulted
  • 1 reporting app

Carrier of the project

Name of the organization : Ile-de-France region

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