Let's breathe better in the XNUMXth century

Better information for Parisians in the XNUMXth arrondissement on air quality thanks to the participatory budget of the city of Paris


  • Behaviour change
Visual of a smartphone representing an air quality data graph
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Information of the project

dates: From 01 Jan 2017 to 31 Dec 2019

Place of experimentation: paris 20ème

Number of partners: 3

Number of solutions tested: 1

The participatory budget of the city of Paris

The Participatory Budget of the city of Paris allows citizens' initiatives to be financed thanks to the vote of Parisians. The “Breath better in the 20th arrondissement” project, a local version of the #AIRINFO project, is the winner. 

Collaborative and participatory

Air quality is a major concern for Parisians and the 3th arrondissement is particularly exposed to pollution, in particular due to its proximity to the ring road and the arrival of the AXNUMX motorway at Porte de Bagnolet.

Pollution levels can vary greatly in the city, in particular depending on the proximity to the roads. It is proposed to rely on the resources of AIRLAB to meet the needs of the inhabitants of the borough for personalized information in real time.

Targeted information to improve air quality

The objective is to develop access to personalized and targeted information on air quality to accelerate behavioral changes and improve air quality.

The available information can be displayed on existing digital signs, deployed in public spaces and in specific places where the demand and need for information is high. 

The information can be adapted: localized concentrations in real time, pollution episode, proposal for less exposed routes (based on elements of the Airparif Itinér'Air smartphone application). The inhabitants and users of the district will be involved in the process of observing air quality and, ultimately, improving it.

By generalizing this citizen, local and interactive approach, the project would make it possible to develop the contribution of Parisians and Ile-de-France residents to the monitoring of air quality and its improvement.

This project, with the support of Airparif, proposes in particular the purchase of sensors, BigData infrastructures, information screens with a view to improving the measurement of air quality and the information of Ile-de-France residents. for an amount of €115

Carrier of the project

Name of the organization : City of Paris

Name of the contact : Deborah Le Mener, Head of the Air Quality Unit